Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Select all that apply - The killer CIMA Strategic OT question

One type of question that seems to really catch people out is the "select all that apply" type.

From the student's perspective, this type of question is so so difficult. Not only do they have to know the correct answer(s), they also have to filter out other wrong answers that look very much like the correct answer. On top of all of this, you aren't usually told how many should be selected - meaning you could be correct on 2 selections, but actually needed to select a 3rd to get the question 100% right. In the CIMA OT exams, if you are not 100% correct, you get no marks.#

To highlight my point, take a look at an example of a CIMA P3 Objective Test question in this style...We will reveal the answer in Thursday's blog!

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