Friday, 26 May 2017

Staying calm before results day!

After months of hard work and nights watching the moon as you do your revision late into the night, the CIMA case study exams are finally over for May! How do you feel? Excited for your result or anxious and fearing the worse? If it's the former, then great! We are sure that you will all get the result you deserve and enjoy the celebrations that will soon follow. But what happens if you are feeling a little nervous? We have some tips that may just help...

Monday, 22 May 2017

How to prepare for your CIMA OT exams with our handy guide!

Are you preparing for your CIMA OT exam? It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, with so many different topics and possible questions! If you are feeling like you are not sure which route to take, have no fear. I was speaking to an examiner the other day and they told me about a route through the exam that will navigate you towards success!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Get up to date with KEY information from the Examiner's Report!

One of the best things that I've found you can do when revising for the exam is read the Examiner's report - after all, they will be the ones looking at your exam paper in May! In order to help you get started, we have collected some of the key themes from the February Examiner's Report. The full report is available right here: SCS February 2017 Examiner's Report. We suggest that you read through this yourself very carefully - it could really help you get that pass.
Learning lessons from those who mark and assess the exam themselves could be all the difference between a pass and a fail this May. Every sitting I analyse the report and share the important findings, so students do not make the same mistakes. The examiners often have to repeat themselves on where students are going wrong, which we don't want to happen for the next sitting! With this in mind, here are the top three key themes that I picked out from the latest SCS report..