Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Advice on days leading up to the SCS exam and the exam day itself


The week's finally here! With the Strategic Case Study Analysis exams taking place this week, we thought it would be a good idea to offer you some useful advice on the days leading up to the exam and the exam day itself. This may also be useful to those of you taking your Strategic Objective Tests soon. 

Here are 8 tips for the next few days:

1)  Check that you are familiar with the exam location
It's worth checking the location of your exam centre in advance so that you can
get an idea of how long it will take you to travel there. You may need to take 
traffic or weather conditions into consideration. If you are driving to your exam
it is often beneficial to check the parking situation and even have a trial run 
at the same time of day. Directions and maps to all Pearson Exam Centres 
can be found on their website.

2)  Check the day and time of your exam
It’s likely that you booked your CIMA exam a few months back, so it is highly recommended that you check your emails to ensure you have got this right. It may seem obvious but it’s definitely worth double checking!

   3)  Wake up early – give yourself plenty of time
If you have a morning exam, wake up early and give yourself plenty of time 
to avoid being in a rush. Being stressed over being late is not ideal before 
an exam. Remember you need to turn up 15 minutes before your exam 
time to complete the check in procedures.

4)  Check that you have everything you need
             You are required to present two forms of identification on the day of the exam.     Check the Pearson Vue website for more details.

        5)  Only skim through your notes the night before the exam
It is recommended that students do not attempt to learn any new 
information on the night before the exam. By this stage you probably
will have learnt everything you possibly can.  It is also recommend that you
do not do any revision on the morning of the exam. By this point it’s too
late to learn a lot of new content and can just cause you to panic and stress.

6)  Have a relaxing evening the night before your exam
Do not spend your evening revising. Relax, wind down and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. At least 8 hours sleep is recommended.

7)  Avoid contact with other students
Discussing the exam with other students on the days leading up to the exam
can sometimes create anxiety and panic. People often start to worry that the 
others have done more work than themselves – which is mostly not the case!

8)  Remember being nervous is OK!
Most people get nervous before exams. Remember that this can be a positive thing. It creates an adrenaline rush and can often bring out the best in people. Remember, you’ve spent a long time revising for this exam and you ARE prepared!

Good luck from the team at Astranti. Remember we have a wide range of Strategic Case Studies materials on our website for any last minute revision - and there is 25% off!

Best wishes,

Nick Best and the Astranti team
Astranti Financial Training

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