Friday, 5 June 2015

28.6% find SCS exam harder than expected - see the results of our survey

Hi everyone, 

We recently asked our students to complete a survey based on their experience of their recent Strategic Case Study Exam. 

We've been looking at the fascinating feedback very carefully and here is a summary of the key points:

54.8% of respondents found the difficulty of the exam to be 'as expected', with 28.6% finding it 'more difficult'.

Students commented that that there weren't any big surprises in the exam and the questions were fair in comparison to what they anticipated.

Some students commented that their writing approach and structuring of answers went well in the exam, with many saying that the Astranti study text was helpful in these areas.

They also felt they did well in applying the pre-seen into their answers which is a good sign!

Time management was stated as an issue by many students, emphasising the need for mock practise.

Other comments indicated that many students found they had a good understanding of the theory but found it difficult to apply the models within specific questions.

Almost 50% of students concluded that they should have spent more time on mock exams.

36.8% said they would revise LESS theory

Here are 5 tips from the survey for future students:
  1. Become an expert on time management
  2. Complete as many mock exams as you can
  3. Understand the pre-seen and industry in-depth
  4. Don't put too much time into the study of theory (but do enough so you are competent!)
  5. Make sure you answer the question!
We hope you've found this information useful.

If you've took your strategic Case Study exam and you've yet completed the survey we would love to hear from you - SCS Survey 

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