Thursday, 18 February 2016

Strategic Pass Rates 2015

2015 was expected to be a difficult year with the introduction of the new syllabus. 

However, many students performed well considering the change. There were those who might have been a little apprehensive or not as accepting at the start, with some students having studied with CIMA (and the old syllabus) for a long time.

Objective Test Pass Rates

As you can see though, the official CIMA results below give a good indication of how management OT students have performed between January and December 2015:

Students performed well particularly in E3 (Strategic Management) with a 76% pass rate.

The other two Objective Test exams P3 (Risk Management) and F3 (Financial Strategy) had slightly lower results with two thirds of students passing and around 50% at the first attempt, which is still not a bad result, given the difficulty of these final OT exams.

We know from speaking to many of our students that the 'performance' pillar in general is often seen as more difficult than the others, but based on these results the 'financial' pillar also was a challenge for some students.

Going forward these two areas will require greater focus and effort in order to improve pass rates.

Overall, it appears that the new Objective Test format has been well received and many students achieved good results in the first year of the new exams.

However, there is no room for complacency. I believe that the pass rates could be much better than they currently are, so let's all make sure that 2016 sees a big improvement!

Case Study Pass Rates

In terms of the case study pass rates, they were as follows:

The results were mixed in 2015. As we can see, the year started off relatively poor, but given that this was a new syllabus and new structure, strategic students however did perform well in comparison to students at other levels in the first few sittings.

From May on-wards however, pass rates appear to have declined, which is disappointing to see given that the other levels showed improvements in the second half of the year.

I'd hope to see these results start to pick up again in 2016!


So what can we take from all of this? There is not a great deal that can be directly linked to the 2016 exams, as the results are now behind us, it is instead important that you can learn from the results and see that there are still areas in which you can improve your studies. 

Or from the Objective tests, where you will have to remember to put in as much effort as you can in all of the pillars at strategic level, as you are never guaranteed a pass (especially first time around!).

All round, the strategic level is in need of some improvement, so let's hope that the hard work that students are putting in so far in 2016 pay off!

For more information on all of the management study materials for 2016, visit the Astranti website here: 

You can find more information on all of the pass rates on the CIMA website here: 

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