Saturday, 16 April 2016

Revision tip - Getting help from each other

One of the issues with self-study is the risk of students becoming isolated with their revision.

Whilst revising online offers fantastic flexibility, it's important that students make use of the support networks available to them. 

Otherwise it becomes increasingly difficult to highlight any areas that are being missed out and it can cause the revision to become too narrow.

With this in mind, here are three benefits of not studying alone.

1. Talking about course information

There may be some parts of a course schedule or details on exam requirements, that you don't quite understand.

Having the ability to speak to someone else about these things will allow you to ease any concerns you may have, and ensure everything is clear as you work through your revision.

If you are trying to revise but still have uncertainties regarding the exam, this may affect your focus.

2. Explaining to someone else 

One of the challenges that you have to face when you sit your exam is having to transfer the knowledge that is in your head onto the paper.

By explaining something to someone else you are already practising this skill of arranging your knowledge into logical explanations.

Not only could you be helping someone else out by allowing them to understand something, you may also find you are benefiting from the process too!

3. Broadening the range of predicted exam topics

One of the things students like to do before an exam, is to to try and predict which topics they think are going to come up in the exam.

Of course, you can never be sure of what to expect, but by having other people's opinions it may broaden your horizons on what you should be preparing for.

It might only take one student to suggest a topic you haven't thought of, and suddenly you'll find you are much better prepared for the exam.

CIMA Students and Members Forum

We have created an online forum for students to raise and discuss any issues they want about the exam.

This covers everything from asking for help about OT exams - to sharing industry knowledge about the Case Study company.

You may find that this forum offers you a brilliant chance to not have to go through your revision on your own.

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