Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Three must read articles on the Wind Consultancy industry!

In my experience, students who dedicate time to researching the CIMA Case Study industry usually perform better. By doing this, it gives them a broader knowledge and the insight to enhance their exam answers and impress the CIMA examiners!

Remember, these are the people marking your scripts so listen to their advice. A good answer is a happy examiner, and a happy examiner equals a pass in the CIMA Case Study exam! 

To demonstrate my point, here is a quote from the latest CIMA Strategic Case Study report

"The pre-seen scenario was detailed and well prepared candidates should have been able to give good answers in the context of the industry." 

This shows that a wider understanding of the Wind Consultancy industry will help you when it comes to applying your knowledge in the CIMA August Case Study exam. With this in mind, here are three interesting articles I found to help contribute to your research:

1) This article has some excellent statistics and facts:

2) This article looks at the competition in the wind turbine industry and the impacts of it:

3) This article is about the growth of the UK environmental consulting market over recent years:

Many students in the past have found the process of sharing their industry research with others to be extremely useful. Which is why I have created a specific thread on our CIMA Forum as a place for students to share any interesting articles or statistics they have found with each other.

So why not head over to the forum now and get involved? - Industry Share Forum

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