Monday, 27 February 2017

What is an Algorithm and how can this help your revision?

It was in the news today that many people are now learning to code. What is coding? Simply telling a computer exactly what it has to do. Coding is like the magic wand of computers and it is an extremely useful life skill in this technology obsessed world.

Before we jump into coding, there are a few steps that must be considered. First of all, we need an algorithm. An algorithm is a set of rules that solve a problem. These need to be done in the right order, otherwise they will not work.
This structure can also apply to life and revision. Would you take an exam and then revise afterwards? Hopefully not! When you write an algorithm, the order of the instructions is very important.

This can be really useful when preparing for the OT exam, as these require a set routine. Some students find that having an algorithm really helps them to focus and achieve the best results.

So, what would a typical revision step by step routine look like? Perhaps something like this:

Highlight key areas of the study text
Test your knowledge of one area
Read back over the study text
Test all of your knowledge with a mock

This is an example of a good revision routine. You can always change it to suit your own needs, but remember, there is such a thing as a bad algorithm in computers and this applies to real life, too! For example:

Read through the study text
Look out through the window
Decide to study tomorrow...maybe!

Algorithms only really work when they are designed to achieve a specific goal. So next time you think about revising, think about the steps you need to take, in order to achieve the success you would like.

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