Monday, 19 February 2018

Top Tips for the night before your exam!

Have you ever felt like time is sometimes going too fast? Even though revision is possibly not the most exciting time of your life, time really does seem to fly by until suddenly you are waking up and it is almost the day of your CIMA exam!

With the big day approaching so fast, what kind of things should you be doing? Here are our top four tips to make stress your new best friend!

1). Keep calm and carry on with your CIMA study plan.

When the CIMA exam gets closer, it can suddenly become very easy to accept a doomed fate and ignore the revision notes that are on your desk. Why does this happen? When we have been working so much towards a goal, the very end of the CIMA journey can feel a little strange – and we may not be feeling as confident as we should be! If you're tempted to go into a slump and not make the most of the last few days, remember – winding down now is like running a marathon and then stopping right at the end. Not something you want to do!

2). Don't cram the night before.

Leading on from our first point – if you don't keep up consistently with your CIMA study plan, you could end up trying to fit three days of work...into one evening. Cramming lots of information into your mind can have the direct opposite effect of what you want and you can actually end up finding it harder to focus on in the CIMA exam.

So what should you be reading on the day of your CIMA exam? Ideally, something short and sweet. It can be part of an article or a book – perhaps even a section of one of our study texts! Try not too read anything too technical – you'll need to save your brain power for the CIMA exam!

3). Eat like a champion

When we say this, we don't mean a 'how many deep fried chocolate bars can you eat in an hour' champion. Instead, we mean a healthy, balanced diet that you stick to throughout your CIMA journey. You know the drill by now: lots of water, vegetables, fruit...they will all help you to feel healthy and keep your mind sharp. A top tip for if you do need a treat: dark chocolate is surprisingly brilliant for your brain – just don't deep fry it!

4). On the day itself, be an early bird.

I once knew someone who took their CIMA exam after rushing through traffic and only just getting there – big mistake! By the time they got to the exam, they were feeling flustered and anxious about missing anything before the exam. Don't be the same – even if it means getting up much earlier than usual, arriving with plenty of time to spare will ensure that you don't miss anything. You do not need the extra stress on the day, so set that alarm and work out the best way of getting to the CIMA exam!

So there are four tips to help you perform your very best in the exam. There's only one more thing to say….good luck!

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