Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Need to focus on revision? Here's how you can do it!

I have been teaching students for years now and know that not every tip works for every student. Some students, for example, may find it easiest to revise through videos - whilst others hate the idea and much prefer study texts! There are a few tips, however, that apply to everyone and can simply make the world of difference when it comes to passing!
This is one of them - when you are revising, limit ALL distractions. Sounds simple, but it's easier said than done!
So, how can you limit your distractions? Here's three things that I personally do...

1. Set out some time in your day dedicated to revision...and stick to it! This can be difficult if you have busy evenings after work, but it is vital that you spent some of your free time studying with little interruption. Some students find that sticking to a certain time (for example 8pm every weekday for an hour or two) is the way forward for them. Other students may find that they need to be more more flexible. The key part is to practise regularly and make the time for it – even if it means a few sacrifices, the pay off will be worth it!
2. Close down your emails when you are revising on the computer. It's great that we can receive messages, from your work or friends, in a matter of mere seconds. What's not so great is how distracting this can be – especially if you are the type of person who likes to reply instantly. Whilst you are using your precious revision time however, seeing emails coming in can prove a distraction. Unless it's an emergency, you can always reply once your revision time is up!
3. Set your phone to silent or switch it off. It's amazing how much information we can access at just the touch of a button. What is the weather like in Peru? Just google it. When is your friends birthday? Have a quick look on Facebook (and whilst you are there, why not put up a status about how you are revising?). What's the greatest cat video of all time? A simple search on YouTube will do...until you fall down the rabbit hole of endless videos! When you are revising, however, you will need focus all of your attention on your work and not on social media! Once your time is up, you can search for all the funny animal videos on YouTube to your hearts content! 
In the lead up to the exams, however, remember this...

So, those are my tips! Do you have any that have worked for you? Or do you find it easy to concentrate and focus, whilst also being online?
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