Thursday, 14 September 2017

Why videos are a great addition to your CIMA studies!

When I was at school, one of my favourite subjects was physics. There was a catch, however – I only really understood the theory when the lesson included a video. This could be cars whizzing around a racetrack to demonstrate the doppler effect, dolphins communicating underwater to show the differences in their communication or, my very favourite, a simulation of a rock being thrown through space and whizzing past all of the planets in our galaxy. With videos, physics suddenly jumped out of the dull textbooks and became alive – and the same can be said for videos and your CIMA revision!

So how can videos help your revision? Here's four reasons why!

1). They can make your revision come to life. Sometimes just reading a sentence can make all of the information go into one ear and out of the other. To take my physics example, imagine reading a paragraph in a textbook which simply lists all of the planets in our galaxy. Could be better, right? Well, now imagine a video showing you all the different planets and including an enthusiastic voice over explaining it all. Not only is it more exciting, but as it's more interesting to watch, the information is much more likely to go in the first time!

2). They are great when you are mixing up your revision. Although study texts are great (especially our Astranti ones!) it can be nice to mix up your revision and try a few different techniques. Videos can break the silence of reading and offer the chance to see your revision in a new light. It can be very useful to revise in all kinds of different ways and you will most likely find that you are naturally more drawn to certain methods of revision.

3). Abstract or complex information can be shown in a much simpler way. This especially true when it comes to the trickier topics in the CIMA syllabus. If you find that you are struggling with the more complex CIMA theory, why not try a video with animation and see if this helps to untangle those long sums and mysterious theories! Our course videos are brilliant for this - there's a reason why they are so popular!

4). They can be interactive. Here at Astranti, we offer masterclasses for the CIMA case study. If you are available on the day to watch these live, there is the great opportunity to ask questions whilst you are watching! This a fantastic way to revise and you'll know that you are getting information from the experts. Missed out on the day? Have no fear – a recorded version will be made available and you can always ask us any technical queries you may have through Facebook, email or our online forums!

What's your favourite type of revision? Do you prefer videos or would you rather study alongside a text book? Whatever your personal preference, at Astranti we have all the materials you could want!
You can check out all of our materials here.

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