Friday, 27 October 2017

This student achieved what seemed impossible. Find out how...

Trust me, signing up for an online course will mean the difference between you passing and failing your exam. When striving to succeed in a CIMA exam, going it alone without the support of an online tutor, is not a good idea - as one of our recent graduates will contest!

Tim*, who spent four years trying to pass the Strategic Case Study exam, managed to finally achieve  his pass on the August 2017 sitting. How did he manage this after failing for so long? Read on to find out!

Tim has spent years working as a finance coordinator and getting CIMA qualified was the essential next step for his career. His future success depended on passing this exam, but he'd failed so many times he was all but ready to give up. Tim wasn't able to pay the huge fees charged by companies such as Kaplan or BPP for their CIMA Case Study courses, so his situation looked bad.

After researching his options, Tim eventually decided to have one more shot, this time using Astranti's full Strategic Case Study Course to help him. As it turns out, this was the best decisions he could have made.

I decide to sit down with Tim, to find out exactly how he managed to achieve his pass after all this time. I'm hope his story can encourage and inspire those of you who are currently studying for CIMA.

Tim tells me that, much to his dismay, he previously 'just groped around in the dark' trying to get the result he wanted.

'Having passed 9 papers in 3 years as a private student' Tim says, 'I thought I just needed to work harder'.

Unfortunately, this feeling is one that many CIMA students can relate to. Tim equates much of his recent success to the support of Astranti's CIMA tutors and markers.

'What illustrates this is that my first marked mock was graded at just 38.5%. The marker gave me feedback on where I was wrong and by the next mock I got 57.5%' says Tim. 'That's almost a different of 20% in one week, bearing in mind I was also working full time at this point. The guidance from my marker really was the key.'

At Astranti, we offer a marking and feedback service for our case study mock exams, to help you get the most out of your revision time and find out exactly where you've been going wrong. This service comes as part of our full course, but it can also be purchased individually. You can find out more here.

I wonder if Tim had heard of Astranti before this latest success. He tells me he'd been looking for mock exams a few years back and that's how he discovered Astranti.

It turns out Tim had been using our mocks without marking and feedback over recent years, but although he found them to be high quality, alone we're enough to get him that pass.

'Evidently, the material I purchased before wasn't enough. The whole package, including the masterclasses and the marking and feedback, is essential. One bit of advice Astranti commonly give to students is 'don't do it by yourself'. I have to say that advice made all the difference to me.'

According to Tim, if he'd have taken Astranti's full CIMA Case Study course sooner, he would have guaranteed himself success earlier on. I have to say, Tim is not alone in this. Time and time again I encounter students who don't realize that what they need to pass is the extra support that Astranti's full courses can give. Remember, we are here to help you pass!

If you want to ensure yourself success in your CIMA case study exam, take a leaf out of Tim's book and sign up for our Case Study Full Course today.

I hope Tim's story has been helpful CIMA students! Head over to our website now to explore our full range of study material. Also, if you haven't already, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more great study advice.

*Tim's name has been changed at his own request.

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