Wednesday, 1 November 2017

DON'T MISS these top tips for when your CIMA exam is around the corner!

Your CIMA exam can come around quickly. One minute you are signing up for the exam and thinking to yourself, 'this is a long time away – have I booked this exam too far in advance?'.
But before you know it, those months have turned into weeks….which is where these tips come in handy!

Read on to find out our top four tips to help make the MOST of the time you have left!

1). Don't have an exam strategy? Now is the time to create one!

The CIMA case study exam relies on having a strong exam strategy. Without this, it's a bit like making a cake without looking at the recipe or the timings. It's either going to end up burnt or not looking like a cake at all! Simply put, you'll need to work out how long you will need to plan your answer, how you will structure your answer and, importantly, what to do if you're not sure about a question BEFORE you go into the exam. Realising that you have no exam strategy whilst you are in the CIMA exam is a recipe for disaster – so make sure that you plan ahead!

2). Mock exams are there to help you out.

In the last few weeks running up to the CIMA exam, it's imperative that you take at least a couple of mock exams. Think of these as your practice run – with the Astranti mocks, it's almost impossible to get any closer to the real thing! Mocks will help with all of the aspects needed in the CIMA exam, including time management, answer planning and, of course, your knowledge of the CIMA pre-seen. Are you closer than a few weeks to the exam? A full mock might not be the one for you, but an SCS mini mock might just be!

3). Try teaching other people.

One of the best ways to get that CIMA knowledge into your head is to try and teach someone else what you have been learning. Perhaps get one of your friends or a family member to write a list of questions about the pre-seen and have you explain each one. Examples could include: explain the industry, explore the key themes and your role within the pre-seen. Before you know it, you will know the pre-seen off by heart – and you'll have taught your friend or family member something new too!

4). And finally...focus on the now, instead of the past.

Not everyone passes the CIMA exam first time...or maybe even a third time! The key is to not give up, focus on strengthening your weaknesses and do the very best you can. You need to use the failure as a learning experience, rather than something that defines you and included in this is a positive mindset and self belief. Do all of this and you will be in good stead to get that pass this November!

Of course, Astranti are always on hand if you do need help with anything, whether that is the theory or the exam preparation itself. We want you to pass the CIMA exam and feel confident moving onto the next stage in your CIMA journey!

You can find out more about our materials and how they can help you to pass here. 

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