Thursday, 21 December 2017

TOP tips for the studying during the holidays!

Revising during the holidays can be tricky. If you celebrate Christmas, you may find yourself reading through the CIMA pre-seen between canap├ęs and carols, or practising a CIMA mock exam whilst tucking into a mince pie. But have no fear – there IS a way to study during the holidays and get that all important pass in the New Year!

So, read on to find out how to revise well and still keep that festive spirit!

1). Deck the halls with...CIMA related materials!

Maybe you have a textbook, or perhaps you have some materials printed out. When the holidays come around, don't be tempted to lock all of your materials away and out of sight – it won't make the CIMA exam vanish! Keep your materials on your desk or your bookshelf and you'll be less likely to bury your head in the sand and ignore the CIMA exam!

2). Set out a plan that is easy to follow – before your holiday break.

During the holidays, it can be really difficult to get back into revising. But once we have a rhythm going, it is easier for us to stay in this pattern and know when to focus. So my advice here would be to keep on with your revision plan and even add in some extra time if you can. Too many CIMA students go without revising for the whole of the break, only to cram all of the information during early January. Slow and steady here will win the race here, so try and study for an hour a day when possible.

3). Start testing yourself.

There are many revision tips out there which are unlikely to work for everyone. For example, a visual learner may find listening to an audio of the CIMA pre-seen analysis harder to deal with. On the other hand, a kinaesthetic learner probably wouldn't enjoy simply reading through a study text all day long. One thing that DOES work for all CIMA students, is to test themselves using a mock. I would recommend practising using at least a couple of mocks – which is good, because as an SCS student, we have THREE mocks available!

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To all of our Astranti students, we would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

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