Friday, 19 January 2018

Want to write a GREAT exam answer? Try this answer planning tip!

In the CIMA exam, you really DON'T want to waste time by planning too much and writing too little!

I have often spoken to CIMA students who are looking for a set plan to help with their writing. I have outlined my tried and tested plan in just eight EASY steps in my SCS study Text Part 1.

For now, however, here is just one key step that I would HIGHLY recommend you use in the CIMA exam for a successful answer...and to get that pass! Read on to find out more...

Do THIS first thing to start off your CIMA exam plan right!

It sounds surprisingly simple, but my tip is this: read the unseen information and identify the requirements.

Many students will skip this step and immediately focus on what they will be writing on instead. Please don't do this! Instead, read through carefully what you are being asked by CIMA.

Once this has been identified, break down the requirements into sub sections. Each section can then have its own heading, which will really help you to structure your answer.

What about the rest of the unseen CIMA text?

Of course, there is more to the CIMA unseen than the requirements. All of the text will be helpful, but there is one extremely important thing to keep in mind...

Hold back on the highlighting! When you first begin the CIMA exam, make sure to skim read through the un-seen, rather than highlighting every key point that you see.

Want to find out the next steps?

To find out the next steps, there's two things you need to do...

The first is to check out my popular SCS Study Text Part 1, where I won't just detail the other crucial answer planning steps for the CIMA exam...I will also tell you ALL about time management, identifying the requirements and much more.

The second is to keep an eye out for our next CIMA SCS newsletter, where I will let you know all about the NEXT step you need to do in your answer plan!

Lastly, for all the CIMA materials you could need for your SCS exam, look no further than our Astranti CIMA website. 

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